The Babies of Fallujah

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For My First Post, As Way of Introduction…

I would like to turn over the first post of my blog to Ross Caputi of the Justice for Fallujah Project…please, please watch both of these videos to gain some background on and knowledge of the situation facing the families and children of Fallujah, from someone who can speak the truth from personal experience, and say it so, so much more eloquently than I ever could:

This is a story that needs to be told. We need to witness and we need to scream it across this entire country, and the world.

I will post whatever updates and any news items about Fallujah and the babies that I can find on this blog, and hope to compile a history of what already has been done.  The focus of this blog will be what is now being done, and what still needs to be done.  I ask my friends to spread the word…write to your newspapers, or congressmen…whatever you can do.  Subscribe to this blog, like  the Justice for Fallujah Project on facebook , tweet and re-tweet posts. Write in with ideas, all efforts to help are welcomed and appreciated…and needed.  Please, and