What Can You Say

to this post from the Birth Defects in FGH (Fallujah General Hospital)  facebook page?

I’m thinking that I need to send these pictures to some congressional offices. I think that they should see them, don’t you? And if you can think of anyone else who should see these, I’m open. Contact me…

Thanks. Peace.

From Fallujah General Hospital:

“This ( supposed to be ababy ) born yesterday night in Fallujah Maternity & children hospital ,with no identifiable human features , it’s twin born with polydactly , there was 8 weeks abortion just before that pregnancy , the parents are 29 years old healthy & not relatives , they live in Garmah subdistrict ,have no prior family history of any congenital anomaly & there is no history of prenatal infection or any teratogenic drug use nor the exposure of x.ray irradiation.”