Halfway There on the Kickstarter…And, As Always, More Babies

The good news? The kickstarter by my friend Ross at the Justice for Fallujah Project is halfway to the goal! That is awesome and I thank all of my friends for supporting this cause, Please share the link and spread the news. Even if you can’t donate, the more FB and Twitter shares, the higher the campaign “scores” on kickstarter. And remember, we hope to use the documentary to raise money for the babies. It’s action that we can take.

The bad news? The Senate Foreign Relations Committee voted FOR military action against Syria.  The propaganda machine is beating the war drum again.  Chemical weapons are terrible, no doubt about it.

But so are ours.  We’re hypocritical interventionists.  We are not the world’s police nor should we be. Because THIS HAPPENS WHEN WE SEND OUR BOMBS TO MAIM AND KILL:

more babies more babies 3

This is why I am so passionate on the issue of whether the US should enter the war in Syria. It’s bad and my heart breaks for the children and babies of Damascus. But let the world community deal with Syria, Because if we can’t pay for what we’ve done to the families of Fallujah, what are we doing contemplating more bombs?!


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