As Our Country Wants to Send Bombs to Syria, We Must Remember Fallujah

I sit here today listening to the voices of my country’s leaders, trying to convince my fellow Americans that it’s our moral and ethical duty to bomb Syria, A Humanitarian effort, they say. Then they bring out the pictures of all of those poor children, and my heart bleeds, because it is terrible to see human suffering like that.  No one who is against military action in Syria is pro-chemical weapons. But I beleive, as do many others, that the story they are using to sell us this war is not the truth.  I believe other reports that question the black and whiteness of who used the weapons.  And even if what they say is true…even then, why isn’t our President, he who won a Nobel PEACE prize, doing everyting he can to avoid sending bombs? Why doesn’t he goto the UN?

Because, this is what happens when we send in our weapons:

fallujah baby boy

From Fallujah General Hospital:  “Male stillborn with upper & lower limbs abnormalities , aprevious baby aborted 2 years ago with the same condition , the parents are not relatives & there is no previous family history of such or any other abnormalities”

And, if we didn’t do this, then why won’t we fund any research to determine what did?  There’s a World Health Organization study on birth defects in Iraq that was supposed to be released in the spring. Where is that study? Where is the US here? Why can’t we address the “collateral damage” that our bombs cause before we send new bombs to new places? These are the questions I’m thinking about on this glorious end of summer day in America.

PLEASE continue to share the link to Ross Caputi’s Kickstarter: As I’ve written here before, this is the first step in helping find some justice for these babies.


This picture was just posted on the Fallujah General Hospital facebook page today:
fallujah baby boy 2
Ismaiel , 4 days old boy born with abnormalities of both upper limbs , his family live in Joolan district , the parents are not relatives & their previous family history is free of any anomaly
Let’s remember this as we debate more bombs in Syria…

2 thoughts on “As Our Country Wants to Send Bombs to Syria, We Must Remember Fallujah

  1. I have known about the horror that was bestowed on the people of Fallujah and read articles that the physician has written. I have wondered about the military personnel who worked around the depleted uranium used on the weapons. But people who are in denial still will not educate themselves about the way that we treat the people in other nations. They are completely ignorant of the dangers that our military has been placed in by our own government. And surprisingly, do not react to the toxicity that is an everyday occurrence in their own back yard; even when it will affect their children and grandchildren.

  2. It is really discouraging, I don’t know what else to do but to try to educate, even if the odds seem insurmountable. We can’t be silent, even in the face of overwhelming ignorance. Thatnks for your comment, and for caring…

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