We Need Justice For All of the Babies

I’m not sure what to say, what can be said as I watch the media coverage of the current refugee crisis. By now most people have either seen, or at least heard about, the little Syrian boy, Aylan Kurdi, who was found dead on a Turkish shore, killed, with his mother and brother, trying to reach safety.

boy from syria

Shame on the systems that allow this to happen. Shame on the governments that turn a blind eye to the suffering, thinking only about politics. And shame on the politicians that start wars that cause this in the first place.

I guess my only consolation is that this image of that little boy will open more eyes to the tragedy, and perhaps open some purse strings. I have long pondered why and how people can turn a blind eye to stories of human suffering. But it’s an age old story: show them one child and they will care; it’s when people are faced with pictures of hundreds or thousands, faceless and nameless, that they tune out. It’s overwhelming I guess.  At least I choose to think that that’s the reason. I believe it on a good day.

And that is what compelled me to start this blog, to show the faces. Really, I had no idea what I was doing and I still don’t – I feel pretty helpless. I know that the situation in Fallujah is even worse than it was when I started this blog. The families are still dealing with the birth defects, and they’re dealing with war and fighting and death. What more can I add to this facebook post, from the Birth Defects in FGH (Fallijah General Hospital) page: “old pictures from 2011-2013 , we no more can see or document any case because nearly all fallujah residents including the doctors are displaced out living in tents , no health care , no jobs ,no food , because of the military operations and heavy bombings on the city.”


And I still don’t have any answers, except to keep writing and trying to find organizations that are helping, like Islah (Click here to read about how you can help the Fallujah Women and Children’s Hospital). And I can share the pictures of the babies in the hope that the world will take up the cause of all the suffering children, even the nameless and faceless ones…