Note from Fallujah

Cross posting from the Birth Defects in FGH facebook page page:

From innocent Fallujah victims , to all honests in the international community

The 9th of April , 2016 will mark the 13th anniversary of the 2003 Iraq occupation by US/Uk coalition aggressor forces . Since that time grave human rights violations
against international law have been reported at all levels among Iraqi people . Most of the alleged violations have not been properly investigated, nor have perpetrators been
brought to justice, moreover the perpetrators in & out of Iraq are still practicing all kinds of murder and injustice against the innocent victims through their positions as leaders. As a consequence of the use of inhumane, indiscriminate and toxic weapons
Many people killed & many are still suffering physical harms without any reparations.
Our story started in 2004 and continued in atragic series in every single day till moment. The mass dirty weapons used in a city crowded with people caused the nightmare , named congenital malformations.
Women in Fallujah have different education levels and different ideologies and different ages of course, but they all share the same fear which is named congenital malformations.
In Fallujah hospital , a percentage of about 14.7% of the newborns come to life with various kinds of malformations, about 5% of children die during their 1st year of life, about 55% of those deaths being due to congenital malformations. With such a percentage, an integrated chain of social and psychological Consequences appeared and turned through the time to a partition between every couple and their dream to be parents one day.
And now & since the 30th of December 2013 another series of pain , oppression , displacement , evacuation and killings happening in Fallujah by different armed groups under the trick of fighting terrorism , the story which never heard before occupation , till the moment more than 3000 innocent civilians killed & more than 4000 wounded , most are women and children including newborns and young infants , thousands lost their houses , in addition to the poor & bad health and social services as aresult of military operations .
Now another tragedy added to the originaly bad & difficult situation of the babies and their families who are displaced and live as refugees in tents , camps and unfinished buildings in the extremely cold and hot weather, they are deprived of the simplest facilities to live and feel secure .

We, the oppressed mothers and children and even the doctors appeal the human conscience and all honests to stop creating more wars and murder in our country and in our city and to let us live in peace just like others .
We are suffering , we are dying , we are paying for the crimes and guilts of others.