Civilians Fleeing Fallujah Overwhelming Aid Agencies


fallujah refugee camp

I searched Google this morning, as I try to do every day, to check on the latest news form Fallujah.  I read several articles that included statements by the Iraqi government that ISIS, or Daesh, had retreated and that the Iraqi army was in control of 70% of the city:

This passage from this article  caught my eye:
Recent army advances have allowed large numbers of civilians to escape, overwhelming aid agencies.

“Thousands of civilians from Fallujah are right now heading towards displacement camps in a dramatic development that is overwhelming emergency aid provision and services,” said the Norwegian Refugee Council, which is running camps for the displaced near Fallujah.

Though the bulk of ISIS’ leadership and fighters may have fled the city, the escape route is still dangerous for civilians with many being killed or wounded by roadside bombs.

and there was this from the CBC:

The Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC), which has been providing aid to displaced people, said escapees reported a sudden retreat of IS fighters at key checkpoints inside Fallujah that had allowed civilians to leave.

Humanitarian needs were expected to increase dramatically in the coming hours, swamping the resources of foreign aid groups and the government as they struggle with funding shortfalls.

“Aid services in the camps were already overstretched and this development will push us all to the limit,” said NRC country director Nasr Muflahi.

It is good news that more and more families and children are no longer trapped inside the city with no food and dirty water.  But now they need our help. All of us, all over the world, can help by donating to the Norwegian Refugee Council. The people of Fallujah have been though so much…so much war and destruction…the least we can do, especially those of us who live in the US and other rich countries in the west, is to give what we can. And I hope that the people of Fallujah will know peace some day…

Click here to donate:


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