Yes, More Babies…and a Way to Help Fallujah Maternity and Children’s Hospital

I’ve been out of the US for the past month and a half.  I returned  to stories of the US government ripping children from their families.  My heart is heavy.  It’s always heavy when I think about injustice.  And, as it often does, thoughts of injustice lead me back to the babies, and how the US has still never taken any responsibility for using weapons in Fallujah that led to this: These babies were born, or were stillborn, in Fallujah during the time I was away.  All of this, in one place, in less than 2 months. Can you imagine?



As usual I feel helpless. But, thanks to some caring people there is a way to help the families of Fallujah. My dear friend Ross Caputi and the People’s History of Fallujah are partnering with Iraq Hope, a Japanese NGO, and Irak Solidaritet, a Swedish solidarity organization, to purchase a new echo-cardiogram machine for the Maternity and Children’s HospitalHere is the link for more information:

“Since 2005 Fallujah has witnessed some of the highest rates of cancer DSC_6074and birth defects in the world. Many attribute this public health crisis to American weapons used during the assaults on the city in 2004. Then during the period of violence beginning in 2013, Fallujah’s hospitals were bombed repeatedly by American and Iraqi forces, and then looted by ISIS.

Fallujah’s Maternity and Children’s Hospital continues to struggle with the city’s public health crisis, and without essential equipment.

Our fundraising goal is $10,000.

Please join us in this act of reparations.”

I hope that everyone reading my blog will consider donating. In honor of – and justice for – the babies…